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We pride ourselves in retailing the finest selection of designer bridge clothing in Southwest Florida.

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The Mi Jong Lee Collection was created to emphasize individuality by infusing art & fashion into a women's ready-to-wear.

Bigio Collection was founded to design & create beautiful clothing for the discerning woman who wants the latest fashion and flattering fit.

Caroline's jackets continue to be all about her wonderful fabrics; from the campy to the sublime. The look is Fabulous!

Mixing classic lines with cutting edge details, Emmelle is a collection that will take you from day into evening.

Special lines, innovative designs, impressive prints, and rich detailing characterize all of Camelots creations.

Elisa Cavaletti is a romantic, feminine clothing line known around the world.

This brand is known for its simple, stylish pieces, with thoughtful updates and details.

Combining knit cotton and cotton shirting, these blouses, jackets and sweaters are hand painted in a collage of stunning color!

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It’s been an ugly 2 years, and 2022 has finally arrived! I hear the slow, beckoning rattle of champagne glasses, and dance music just outside the door, around the corner… someone’s having a party… FINALLY!

We’re ready and waiting for you with some wonderful Spring selections. Our Favorite designer is Mi Jong Lee of Mi Jong Lee and Emmelle Designs. This spring she has a number of pieces to make your evening out brilliant! I've included here a few of my favorites. She works the most wonderful silks, voiles, jacquards, and textures of every kind into fabulous color patterns that beguile the eyes. Her fit and her fashions are always fabulous!


Anonyme fuses traditional, Italian tailoring with international elements to produce timeless and elegent styles of distinction.

Perfectly representing French and Italian fashion, Fuego is for refined women looking for quality in a ready-to-wear collection.

Natori is where like meets art.

Fashionable clothing of supreme quality, made to fitreal women of all sizes.

Keep calm, stay classy.

Edinburgh specializes in cashmere, extra-fine prima cotton, superfine silk, fine merino wool, and other high quality yards.

A complete sportswear line, featuring coordinated casual jackets, sweaters, blouses, knit tops and pants.

Comfort, along with unique, luxurious-feeling fabrics are the hallmark of E.L.I.

Marble has been creating ageless and stylish clothes of the highest standard; their philosophy focused on creating timeless pieces.


Accessories are always the icing on the chocolate cake of fashion. It’s that great handbag, or fabulous belt, that intricate piece of jewelry or scarf that sets off a fashion alarm, and says…”Look over here, here I am, aren’t I Fabulous!!! Cloths are cloths, but the proper accessory pulls the whole picture together to make something more! A fabulous accessory can MAKE the outfit!

This year we have lots of willing contestants to make your outfit SENSATIONAL!

The BELT is BACK!!! That’s the Fashion news for Spring 2022. These belts aren’t for holding up your pants! They come in fabulous colors; from neutrals to high color to textures, every one of them completes your outfit. There are double wrap belts, belts with woven silver textured clasps, corset style belts, belts with glitter, and snake textures of every color. This year is the coming out party for all accessories that have been locked away or forgotten, as well as for some new ideas as well. Let’s get out there, get DRESSED, and strut our stuff! I know you want to look FABULOUS!

The HANDBAG is not just a place to hide your wallet!! The color palate of Spring 2022 has something for every desire. There is a beautiful soft neutral palette of white, camel, beige, sage and soft blue. But there are also some colors that are standing up and shouting out loud, HERE I AM! Hot brights of pink, orange, electric blue, and lime all compete for our attention. Python textures and shimmering silver and gold finishes, as well as fringe details, folded and quilted leathers, bows and more. Fabrics include leather, straws, Natural cork, Vegan, and assorted fabrics. It’s not your Mother’s handbag anymore!

SCARVES are also coming out of seclusion! Our favorite of this Spring is DESEDA: a company from Lake Forest, who offers double sided silk scarves from all over the world, from 15” squares, to 36” to full size pashminas. The color and hand are fabulous!

JEWELRY continues to be exceptional, especially from independent designers Like Cynthis Slack, Debroah Grivias, and of course, Simone Sebbag from Israel.

Dolcezza emphasizes strong fashion statements through styling and natural fabrics in very selective patterns and prints.

Hinson is an exceptional blouse designer in New York City. His fit and fabrics are classically perfect. Look for his new collection of casual dresses.

Using European fabrics, Tinta is designed and produced in Spain; ensuring excellence and expert craftsmenship.

A contemporary blouse and jacket line from Spain, the designs are whinsical, and the fabrics are lightweight and wearable.

Combining elastane and lycra to craft chic styles that comfortably contour your shape, Lisette's designs are also machine washable.

Oo La La is a collection of fashion-forward women's wear with bold and memorable detailing.

Posh Couture is a luxury, cocktail line of clothing, made of the finest U.S.A. fabrics.

Robell is a broad, everyday-luxury for women who won't compromise on look or comfort.

ultimate cool!

Anue Miami specializes in high-quality, travel-friendly, wrinkle-resistaant fabrics in over 30 colors and many styles.

iLinen designs classic & natural linen-wear for your everyday likestyle.

Simple, beautiful, lightweight, and trans-seasonal styles that embody the textile craft of India's great heritage.

Timeless, effortless, versatile pieces that are both sophisticated and enchanting.


Fulfilling a dream, after being in corporate management for some years and a brief stint as general manager of a small chain of stores throughout the Caribbean, Kathryn Cumming started her own store here in Naples, Florida. Her store features a wide range of bridge designer apparel; from the classic traditionals to the casual and colorful.

Kathryn's secret for success lies in the personal services she and her well-trained, career staff offers to her clientele. The fit will always be wonderful, the look unique, and her clientele knows they'll be utter magic at their next major event or party.


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