Fulfilling a dream, after being in corporate management for some years and a brief stint as general manager of a small chain of stores throughout the Caribbean, Kathryn Cumming started her own store here in Naples, Florida; back in 2002. It was a small, 900 square foot shop, and Kathryn immediately began to realize she needed a bigger store; as her clientele were lined up at the check out counter daily. Plans emerged quickly and Kathryn expanded her establishment into the Petit Square Building on 14th Avenue, just off 3rd Street South; taking on 3,000 square feet as her next challenge. It was a smash!

Twelve years later, Kathryn knew she had to take on one more challenge. Retailing on 3rd Street was being slowly displaced by restaurants and tourist shops. Reading the cards, Kathryn needed a new, rising community that would appreciate the collection of apparel that Kathryn's Collection had become famous for. Kathryn found her future in North Naples, at The Shoppes at Vanderbilt.

In 2016, the move was accomplished. Bright and welcoming, Kathryn's Collection is all about color, and all about Florida life-style, featuring a wide range of bridge designer apparel; from the classic traditionals to the latest designs and from the formal to the casual and colorful. There are blouses and slacks in a rainbow of colors and patterns, and there's all the latest styles of dresses, jackets, and skirts, as well as a beautiful collection of handbags, scarfs, belts, and jewelry.

Kathryn's secret for success lies in the personal services she and her well-trained, career staff offers to her clientele. You're guaranteed personal attention and patience in fitting you. When you're happy, Kathryn's Collection has done it's job. The fit will always be wonderful, the look unique, and her clientele know they'll be utter magic at their next major event or party.

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